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Staff Feedback

When I came to work at Halsford Park for my first job interview, my first impression was what a friendly place it was. As I stood nervously in the corridor, the adults who passed me each smiled and asked me 'are you ok?' or 'do you need any help?' and the children who passed, smiled broadly. So, from the outset, my impression of Halsford Park was of friendliness - and above all, everyone looked happy. They say first impressions count - and they really do. I was employed by the then Federation (now the Academy Trust). Over the following seven years I have seen the school grow and develop levels of professionalism that were simply not existent all those years ago. The structures now in place and the teaching strategies that are embedded enable the children to progress faster. And this progress has enabled me too. I now know I am working at a level I was not all those years ago and I am able to help children more than I could in the past. And it is still a very friendly place!

Mr Tippett

I had previously worked for the Grenestede Federation prior to becoming an academy. I was excited at the new leadership opportunities that had been developed. With these in place, I applied to come back into a new role within the Academy Trust. Over the past three years, I have been given the opportunity to develop as a leader, and have worked across the two schools on school improvement spotlights as English & Humanities Team Leader, Achievement Team Leader and now as Lead Practitioner on the Senior Leadership Team. In addition, I have been supported by both the Executive Principal and my Headteacher to work beyond the two schools as a Specialist Leader in Education.

Miss Loftus

When I first came to Halsford Park, I was struck by the confidence of the children who spoke so fondly of their school. It was that, combined with the friendliness of all members of staff that made me want to work as part of the Trust. I am pleased to have become part of a team that is focused on putting the children at the centre of all that they do, from the engaging curriculum to the wellbeing of every child. The Trust is dedicated to providing support for members of staff and they offer great opportunities for professional development across different subjects, ensuring that we feel confident in the teaching of all curriculum areas.

Miss Barrell

Clear vision and guidance enables everyone to know where we are heading"

"Continued professional development has given promotion opportunities within the Trust for career development"

"Opportunities are available to utilise the strengths and interests of individuals."

"There have been different opportunities to develop leaders, working across the academy

Staff INSET Feedback

Spotlights on Learning have raised professional awareness"

"The Specialist Leaders in Education expertise has been beneficial to our own schools"

"There is a wide range of opportunities to share best practice and ideas"

"Working in Subject Teams has allowed the sharing of ideas and responsibilities

Staff INSET Feedback 2

Achievement Teams are constantly finding different ways to engage our children"

"Enriching school life improves engagement"

"The Parent Forums and Family Learning Conferences encourage parents to build good relationships

Staff INSET Feedback 3