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Why Join Us?

Why Join Us?

Benefits for your school

Joining an academy trust such as ours, will provide an established network of support.  This network allows access to greater opportunities for professional development, recruitment and retention.

With our schools working collaboratively, there is potential to access shared resources and a shared mission to manage diminishing budgets and large fixed costs, which can prove challenging for one school to manage alone.

We operate a principle of empowered and distributed leadership, therefore, important decisions are not all made ’at the top’.  You would be joining an organisation where you can share excellent practice and learn from each other.

Our core values of respect, courage, responsibility and compassion guide us in everything we do.

Ultimately, all of our efforts are directed to securing the best quality, well motivated and highly trained staff to work with our children. This is a major challenge in a difficult and expensive recruitment market.  Joining our Trust gives your staff access to a development network with sharing of good practice, honest challenge of each other to improve and opportunities for advancement.

Obviously, when working in a Multi-Academy Trust, it is in everyone’s interests to work collaboratively and align key policies and systems.  However, each of our schools is different and works within its own distinct context and community.  As an Academy Trust we celebrate and value this individuality, we do not believe in a “one size fits all” model.  Schools retain the strong Headteacher role and an effective Local Governing Body.  This ensures continued opportunities to strive for excellent local performance.

We maintain strong collaborative relationships with our EGGS (East Grinstead Group of Schools) locality group of primary and secondary schools.

Since 2014, Baldwins Hill and Halsford Park schools have benefited from the rigorous school improvement programme, NAHT Aspire.  Aspire’s underpinning principles are:
•  “Doing with”, not “doing to”;
•  Applying what research tells us
•  Focusing on quality and impact
•  Building professional capacity
•  Collaboration rather than competition