Partners In Learning Academy Trust, Manor Road, East Grinstead, RH19 1LR  

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Today's Children; Tomorrow's Future

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission

We are a learning community which inspires, empowers and develops schools to prepare every child for success in life. Sharing our strengths ensures that our communities grow and prosper and that we have opportunities to support and learn through each other to create futures for all.

Our motto

Today’s children; Tomorrow’s future

Our Vision

Our vision to 2022 is described across 3 principles that are most important to us:

Develop confident, resilient and reflective learners who understand what it means to be a responsible citizen.

Ensure that children in our schools work with talented and high performing teaching and support staff.

Involve parents in supporting children’s learning and listen to parent views.

Establish challenging targets for achievement and development of the whole child.

Promote improvements to the physical environment of our schools to enhance learning and wellbeing.

Build an empowered culture enabling strong local governance and leadership.

Maintain the distinctiveness and strengths of schools in our trust, whilst ensuring close
collaboration to maximise effectiveness of all.

Share resources where appropriate to maximise financial opportunities.

Collaborate with wider networks of schools, to share knowledge, expertise and
participate in mutually beneficial initiatives.

Build links with community institutions, local services and companies for shared benefit.

Encourage all of our schools to be dynamic, friendly and supportive places to work.

Provide leadership and practitioner development experiences across our schools –

grow talent from within.

Recognise staff talent, effort and great achievements across our schools.

Reward excellent performance with opportunities for leadership and advancement.

Encourage creative solutions to problems and the challenges in our trust community.

Promote our Trust as a great place to build a career.