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Our Trustees

John Faulkes
Chair of Trustees – Leadership Specialist

John became a parent governor at Baldwins Hill School in 2007, taking on the role of Chair of the Grenestede Federation.  He was instrumental in the founding of Grenestede Academy Trust, at which point he took on the role of Chair of the Trust Board and membership of the Members Board.  John is principally interested in the future Vision and Strategy of the Trust, but also in developing leadership capability at all levels. John lives in East Grinstead with his family. He runs a training company mostly working with the Life Science sector – Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.

Glenn Livingstone
CEO/Executive Principal (employee)

Glenn’s first senior leadership role started in 2000, in Newham London, before relocating to Brighton & Hove in 2002.  He became a Headteacher in 2006 and was appointed as the Executive Principal of the newly formed Grenestede Academy Trust in 2014.

Glenn is passionate about ensuring the best possible opportunities for the children in our schools.  He believes the key to this is through the provision of  high quality professional development for staff.   He is very proud that during his career,  several of his middle leaders have gone on to become successful headteachers, or senior leaders.

Partners in Learning Academy Trust is committed to working with other organisations as part of our vision and this is reflected in opportunities for Glenn to work as an Associate Achievement Adviser with Edison Learning since April 2018.  In addition, he supported the Pavilion and Downs Teaching School Alliance in their successful bid for funding to support 16 schools.  Both of these projects have involved working with schools in the local area and beyond to provide support and development opportunities for several staff within the Trust’s schools.

Rachel Thorne
School Improvement Specialist

Rachel has been on Governing Bodies over many years as a Senior Leader and Headteacher of different schools.  Rachel is interested in the future strategy of the Trust with a particular focus on the educational offer and opportunities for staff development.  Rachel is Headteacher of St. Mary’s CE Primary School in East Grinstead. She lives in West Sussex.

Nathan Heslop
Vice-Chair – Finance Specialist

Nathan has over 20 years of experience in Corporate Governance.  Nathan’s interests lie in the oversight of the financial health of the Trust.  He is committed to contributing to the shared future vision and strategic direction of the Trust.   He is the Finance Director for the UK arm of a Global Food and Facilities Company with a large presence in the education sector.  Nathan lives in Camberley with his family.

Peter Brooks
Business Specialist

Peter has over 40 years of business experience and is the Director of a manufacturing company in Crawley.  His two daughters attended Halsford Park previously and his grandson is currently attending the school. His main interests are sport and he is currently Chair of Felbridge & Sunnyside Cricket Club. He has also been a member of East Grinstead Rugby Club for 50 years – having played for them for 30 years. Having been a lifelong resident of East Grinstead he wishes to contribute to the community that has been such a great influence and support in his life.

Marsha Osivwemu
HR/Risk Management Specialist

A founding member of the Grenestede Academy Trust, Marsha was a community governor for 2 years.  When the Trust was formed Marsha became a member of the trust board. She is principally interested in the future vision and strategy of the Trust, but also in developing risk management capability.  Marsha lived in East Grinstead with her family before moving to London. She has been a civil servant for over 15 years in a number of risk, governance, strategic and policy development roles across a number of central government departments.

Ben Hunter Woollard
Strategic Planning/Change Management expert

Ben has worked in finance for over 20 years, working for global and national institutions.  He currently works for one of the UK’s largest banking groups in a senior operations role.  Ben has experience in corporate development, financial regulatory governance and risk management.  Ben is interested in contributing his business experience to further the development of the Trust.  Ben currently leads a programme on behalf of his company, delivering financial education to schools.  Ben lives in West Sussex.


Becky Gatton
Company Secretary (employee)

Becky has worked for the Academy Trust since June 2014, where she started as an Administrative Assistant, before being promoted to Personal Assistant to the Executive Principal in 2016.  Becky is also the Company Secretary and Clerk to the Members and Trust Boards.   Before working for Partners in Learning Academy Trust, Becky had a career in administration, previously having worked for National Air Traffic Services and Sussex Police.