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Our Members

Tony Baulch
Chair of Members Board

Tony was a parent governor for 7 years, becoming Vice Chair of the Grenestede Federation when Baldwins Hill and Halsford Park schools formed the federation.  Tony became a founding Member of the Trust Board.  He has a particular interest in HR and Finance.  Tony lives in East Grinstead with his family, with both his children having attended Halsford Park.  After 25 years in corporate IT roles, he now runs an IT Services company serving local small and medium sized businesses.

Sarah Wallis
School Improvement Specialist

Sarah has been a parent governor for 7 years, and chaired the local Governing Board for 4 years until 2017.  She has a special interest in Safeguarding and Special Educational needs.  Sarah is a founding member of the Academy Members Board. She lives in East Grinstead and has 3 daughters. Sarah works part time for 2 charities providing community outreach and parent support.

Ian Fidge
Education Specialist

Ian has over 25 years’ experience in education.  He was Headteacher of a small rural school in 2001, before becoming the Executive Headteacher of a three school Federation in 2007.  In 2010, Ian created and led a seven school Multi Academy Trust and continued to manage the senior leadership team and seven headteachers.  He has extensive experience in initiating and managing change.

John Faulkes
Chair of Trustees

John became a parent governor at Baldwins Hill School in 2007, taking on the role of Chair of the Grenestede Federation.  John was instrumental in the founding of Grenestede Academy Trust, at which point he took on the role of Chair of the Trust Board and membership of the Members Board.  John is principally interested in the future Vision and Strategy of the Trust, but also in developing leadership capability at all levels. John lives in East Grinstead with his family. He runs a training company mostly working with the Life Science sector – Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.

Norman Rose
Governance Specialist

Norman joined the Members Board in 2018 with a governance history as a Non-Executive Director, Trustee and Chair of the Audit Committee for Schoolsworks Academy Trust.  He was the Chair of SITPRO (a former Government Non-Departmental Public Body).  His specialist interests are in corporate governance, strategic planning and communications.  Norman is a solicitor and a managing partner of New Paradigm Business Services.  He lives in Brighton with his wife, who is a teacher.

Becky Gatton
Clerk to the Members Board (employee)

Becky has worked for the Academy Trust since June 2014, where she started as an Administrative Assistant, before being promoted to Personal Assistant to the Executive Principal in 2016.  Becky is also the Company Secretary and Clerk to the Members and Trust Boards.   Before working for Partners in Learning Academy Trust, Becky had a career in administration, previously having worked for National Air Traffic Services and Sussex Police.