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Our People

Our People

The Trust Members have ultimate authority for the long-term health of the Trust and appoint Trustees. Members are ‘guardians’ responsible for ensuring that the Trustees are fulfilling their strategic roles, have effective management of public monies and are working effectively toward the long-term vision for success. Information about the Members is available here.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategic leadership of the Trust’s activities, the deployment of its resources and the fulfilment of its legal obligations. The Trustees Board oversees the effective performance of each school in the Trust. Information about Trustees is available here.

Leadership Team
The Trust’s Leadership Team consists of senior leadership staff from the central team of the Trust and the Headteachers of the schools in the Trust.  Information about Leadership Team members is available here.

Local Governing Bodies
Our schools have their own Local Governing Bodies that provide oversight of their school’s key activities, particularly relating to curriculum and educational performance and progress. They provide encouragement for continuous develop of excellence and are guardians of the local distinctiveness of their school. The Trust facilitates networking and mutual support between the LGBs, providing opportunities for governors to develop their effectiveness.